Portland, The Landing on the Rideau

Rich in History:
The landing on Big Rideau Lake, the community of Portland, lies at the heart of the Rideau Canal System and is central to the history of the canal and to the early development of Canada.  Portland is on Highway 15, midway between Ottawa and Kingston, Ontario.

Wrapped in Natural Beauty
Big Rideau Lake, an awesome resource surrounded in year  round splendor of nature's glory makes for an incredible playground and backdrop for endless exploration, recreation and artistic inspiration.

A Vibrant Future
The surrounding area is blessed with a rich diversity of human experience and talent that is the creative energy for a nourishing quality of life, a growing population and a sustainable economy.


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May 15-20, 97km Reenactment Walk Brockville to Perth

Settlers Trek 2016 is being held in concert with the Perth Regional Heritage Fair’s Pioneer Encampment. Trekkers arrive in downtown Perth ontrek 2016 logo Friday, 20 May 2016 with a gala celebration at the Tay Basin and Crystal Palace 1-5p.m. with walkers, canoe flotilla and the horses and wagons. Check out the program for re-enacting this historic journey… 

The Settlers Trek 2016 commemorates the 200th anniversary of the Perth Military Settlementarrival of the first settlers to the Perth Military Settlement in 1816.  The original journey from Brockville to Perth covered a distance of approximately 100 km under difficult conditions with mothers and children and supplies in the month of April encountering swarms of mosquitoes and black flies along the way.    History of the Perth Military Settlement

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